Music today has become categorized by many different facets, fans of one genre warring with others, speakers of one language unwilling to see the true beauty of a song in another. DRecords takes down these barriers and divisions. Let the music free to touch lives and change the world.

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Daler Mehndi

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For hot new gossip, pics, videos, and exciting merch visit Daler Mehndi’s website. Your one stop shop for everything related to the Tunan Tunak man. Responsively created, it supports any platform; mobile, tablet, or PC.

Daler Mehndi

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Daler Mehndi has always been a keen environmentalist, being so in-tune with nature and the current state of our planet, he wishes to bring back organic methods of cultivation cutting out the use of wanton fertilizers and genetically modified species of livestock. Between the planting of trees and the natural breeding of animals that are to be our sustenance.