• Parvez Mehndi

    Parvez Mehndi was born on 14th August 1947 to a family renowned for their musical credentials. His father, Bashir Husain Rahi, was an illustrious singer who migrated to Pakistan from Gurdaspur during Partition.

    Parvez Mehndi in his early days benefited under the guidance of the legendary ghazal King Mehndi Hassan, who not only gave him his expertise in the field of ghazal singing but also bestowed the title ‘Mehndi’ on to his favourite disciple.

    Parvez Mehndi once got opportunity to sing before the Royal Family of Afghanistan when his mentor, Mehndi Hassan who was to perform, fell ill. The then young Parvez was so impressive that he was offered a career on Radio Lahore and later in films, where he started off by singing with the Queen of Melody ‘Noorjehan,’ Roshan Ara Begum-‘Mallika-e-Maushiqui’ and other prominent Pakistani singers. In an earnest effort to reach out to the world and showcase his brilliance, Parvez Mehndi started anew with highly acclaimed and appreciated world wide concerts and shows. He soon established himself as an exceptional ghazal singer at par with his Guru, Mehndi Hassan and then famous singer Ghulam Ali.

    Parvez Mehndi established his own individuality among the then eminent singers in the consortium of ghazal gaiyaki. His is a style, which is to-date impersonated by many of the contemporary ghazal singers. He now as an ambassador of love, brotherhood and peace spreads the same all over the Globe through the Universal language of Music.

  • Hussain Baksh

    Hussain Baksh Gulu Khansahab was born in Gurdaspur, Dena Nagar in the house of Ustad  Nathu Khan who later on became the teacher of Hussain Baksh.. He also belongs to the same musical dynasty to whom Bade Aashiq Ali Khan and Ustad Fateh Ali Khan belong to, and it appears very clearly  in his style of singing. He started taking his training from the age of 7, from Ustad Nathu Khan and Ghulam Hussain Gili. He got awards for his singing from nawab beer.

    Ustad Gulko Khan has given  much importance  to “riyaz”,  that in the beginning he used to practice the whole of morning, noon, and evening which comes to around 21 hrs a day. Today he takes it a bit easy on himself and does riyaz for  5 to 7 hrs a day.

    His singing expertise is not only restricted to “raag” but arguably has no competition in singing styles like “thumri, dadra, kafi, ghazal & geet.  He is  well-liked in the most popular form of poetry of sufis, i.e., the “kafi”. he has sung the poetries of some of the prominent sufi poets like Hulhy Shah, Shah Hussain, Waris Shah, and Sultan Bahu.

    In his classical renditions of  “Thumri”, and “Dadra”, he is influenced by Ustad Bade Aashiq Ali Khan, Bare Fateh Ali Khan, Ustad Nathu Khan and Gili Khan. In semi-classical singing he has sung the poetries of Saghar Siddiqui, Mohsin Naqvi and Ahmed Faraz.

    The people who have appreciated his singing are Dilip Kumar, Lata Ji, Madhu Rani Ji, Nargis, Yash Chopra, Kalyan Ji-AnandJi, and Allah Rakha to name a few, and those of who have accompanied you on tabla are as following:

    Ustad Allah Rakha , Zakir Hussain, Abdu-s-Sittar Tar, Ustad Fiyaz Khan, Ustad Nizammudin, and Ustad Ramazan Delhi Wale.

    He is not only a good singer but also a very good teacher. His favourite music forms are raag “Puriya dhanashri” , favourite thath “Marva” and favourite anthem  is ‘Purbi”.

    Good food, good drink and the best fragrances take to his likings. Similarly modesty and humility are significant traits of his personality.

    Hussain Baksh Gulu adores Ustad Salamat Ali Khan’s  gayaki,  idolises him & considers him as his guru.

  • Harjeet Mehndi

    Harjeet Mehndi is a very well established versatile artist who is currently based in United States. In spite, of being younger brother of world famous bhangra pop star Daler Mehndi, this artist has created his fans  in various communities throughout Canada and USA.

    Harjeet initiated in the world of music by his parents Amjer Singh Chandan and Late Balbir Kuar and began to learn tabla at the age of 8.  Later, he took advance training from his uncle Late Professor Ranjit Singh. By the time he was 12, he started performing with his father and brothers at Hamandar Sahib Temple in Patna. In 1986 he migrated to USA and started his carrier as professional tabla and keyboard player. Inspired by his elder brother’s style of singing, he developed primary passion to become a singer. He let his instincts lead the ways and with dedication, hard work and firm determination headed successful ways in future.


    The turning Point of his carrier began during one of his performance in 1989 when Mr. Sayad Sarwat, a well known businessman of Fremont, California, spotted him. Mr. Sarwat  had seen potential talent and motivated Harjeet to take a new step in his career. In fact, Sarwat Bhai and his family supported his music and introduced him as a singer. Harjeet  created his niche as a talented Ghazal singer. He is the favorite of the Afghani Community, the Gujaratis and the Punjabis.

    Harjeet not only became famous for his ghazal performances but also as Music Director. He has to his credit 5 Arabic Music Albums of which 2 have been Super Duper Hits.

    Also he has been teaching kids to play “Tabla”.

    Then came the final decision of singing POP, when elder brother Daler Mehndi during all his U.S.A and Canada tours motivated him to perform by giving him an opportunity to perform alongside him during these tours.

    Harjeet has worked very hard to mold and train his voice, music and performance and build a strong image over the past 10 years. His biggest influence and inspiration came from his elder brother Daler Mehndi, which turned him into an energetic and dynamic performer today. He has worked with many – respected artist from the music industry such as Anup Jalota, Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali, and elder brother Daler Mehndi’s multiple concerts in USA, Canada and even India.

    During Harjeet’s last tour with his Mr. Daler Mehndi in 2002, he finally assessed the past and planned for the future. Out of this reflection came the decision of releasing his first solo. The Album was then put together by Mr. Daler Mehndi and is being launched by DRecords.

  • Mika Singh

    Mika Singh for being the youngest of the talented clan; Mika’s association with music goes back to his early childhood. His father Ajmer Singh Chandan was a renowned classical singer; a huzoori ragi in the Durbar of Gurudwara Patna Sahib and his mother was consummate in folk array of music. Mika Singh  had to his credit a talented horde of siblings who were all proficient in the field of music and one man who he is grateful to most is his elder brother and the Badshah of Punjabi pop Daler Singh Mehndi. Daler Mehndi not only helped Mika Singh explore his vast talent in the field of music but also made him shed his early inhibitions on stage.


    The talented young boy started playing the tabla at the age of eight, picked up the harmonium at twelve and the stringy guitar when he was fourteen. The young prodigy was so adroit to acclimatize the instruments that he required only a few hours to get used to one. And gradually on constant persistence and persuasion by big bro Daler, Mika finally was on stage performing the lead to his orchestra.


    Mika after complying with the band of brothers for seven years went solo and released his first album “Sawwan Mein Lag Gayi Aag” with BMG Crescendo. The album saw the launching of an unconventional new voice that was unique like a fresh bud swarming it s fragrance among the garden. The voice though raucous had the nation swaying to its harmony. Mika acquainted the world of his all rounder skills by writing the lyrics, composing, arranging and even playing the music of his first release.  “Sawaan mein…” was an instant hit and the small brother Mika had made it big in the big world.


    Live concerts, shows abroad, invitations to perform in parties and functions and second album “Ishq Brandy” followed and Mika made his name in an industry synonym with great live performances. The indefatigable is a treat to watch during his live performance. He is a charismatic electrifier who can steal your heart and electrify your mind barely by being 50 feet away from you on a stage with his performance even after three hours of non-stop masti. The little man of Bhangra pop can hold the crowd enthralled with his gruff voice, creative instincts and hoards of energy for an extraordinary trip to the Planet of Pop.


    The Bad Boy of Indi Pop and the self-proclaimed OCP (Out Of Control Punjabi Boys) Don, may be passed off as yet another wannabe pop star on first tryst, but his raspy voice, rustic looks and enigmatic personality makes him one of the most enlivening performers in the Indi Pop market today. Even on not being accepted as a national banking star by the music companies, Mika is definitely one of the most followed pop stars in this part of the world, and Mika sure knows how to flaunt it.


    Mika is presently working with DRecords, a Company owned by Big Bro Daler Mehndi with all novel ideas and creative sounds and techno whizzes under the able and methodical assistance from him as a start to his 3 years contract with D M Music stone up with the first ever fusion album  to bring forth this album by an Indi Popper. With the professional assistance from the know how at DRecords. Mika is all set to take the industry by storm with his new album- an assortment of the rustic youth flavor of India with a blend of the modernization in them and aptly titled “Gabru”.

  • Javed Hussain

    Javed Hussain has trained in the thumri dadra style of Indian Classical music and has been exposed to various gharanas by his grandfather, Ustad Afzal Hussain, father and uncle. The grade A, All India Radio singer has a great body of work across genres like Sufi, Ghazal, Bollywood and has toured Thailand, Dubai, Mauritius, Singapore for shows. He has bagged prestigious awards like the Rajasthan Sangeet Ratna, Rajasthan Gaurav, Sangeet Sanchar Award for his contribution in the field of music.

  • Udit Shandilya

    Udit Shandilya is a singer, song-writer and music composer. Udit began his music career at a very early age of 5. He has been trained in classical music and also is a skilled guitarist and pianist. He started writing his own songs too from an early age. He discovered his passion for writing and making his own songs that touches people.

  • Jasveer Singh

    Jasveer was born in Gulbarga (Karnataka) in a Punjabi (Sikh ) family to Amrik Singh Chhabra (Bussinessman) & Manjeet kaur (housewife),a family with out any Music background. He found himself getting fascinated towards Music in his school days. He use to study at night in his college days by hearing kishore kumar & Md Rafi’s old songs at a low volume which inspired him for singing. This reflected his intense attraction to Music which he was also unaware of. He started singing in colleges and cultural programmes through which he gained a lot of appreciation by many admirers & that increased his confidence.He made an Album in his college days but did not launch it.

    He met Daler Mehndi at his Concert in Gulbarga wherein at a Press conference Daler ji said that he would be launching new talents, Jasveer expressed his interest in making an Album to Daler ji and Daler ji asked him to gain the knowledge of sur and taal and to do practice (Riyaz) regularly.

    Jasveer then learned Music from Ustad Sheikh Abdulla Qazi and practiced regularly on Harmonium, Electronic Tanpura, Karaokes, Manual Instruments and Loops and Beats. Whenever he used to get time from business, he invested his time in practice, He also had a God gift of composing songs on beats which helped him a lot in making his Albums. In his school days he wrote lot of poems which were appreciated by his lecturers, this habit of writing poems helped him in writing songs. Many songs of his Albums are written by him.

    Jasveer made an Album DIL DE RE… and released it in Gulbarga ,This made him famous and a sensational and renowned passionate singer from North Karnataka. He performed in many events and his fame increased, but he didn’t want his fame to be restricted and limited to his city So now he is releasing his Album “JAWANI EXPRESS” through “DRecords world wide to expose his singing abilities to the world, He believes that, this Album is his entry to BOLLYWOOD.This Album is dreams come true, but he is not going to stop after this.  He promises to make many new songs with different beats and style as per the demand of TIME.


  • Jatinder Dutt


    The dashing Jatinder Dutt has been responsible for running the most successful Punjabi Radio show in San Francisco, Lehran Punjab Diyan. An accomplished classical singer, he has supplanted his inborn talent with outer training. He learned classical music in Patiala from late Pandit Atam Parkash Ji of Gwalior Gharana. He’s pleased to associate with DRecords and feels that among the new and existing music labels this is one label that stands committed to its credo of promoting good music. “I’m grateful to Mr Daler Mehndi for this venture as it has brought melody back into music that was earlier reduced to a cacophony of sound and odd remixes.”

    Despite being an icon in the Indian community there his popularity is not limited to the expatriate lot. His recent performance for the Governor of California is testimony to his star status in the region. A guest of honour at every American Cultural Festival, Dutt has successfully bridged the cultural divides. If one were to review the history of this singer, then one would realise that Bhangra is in his blood.

  • Gurmeet Kaur

    Gurmeet Kaur is a dazzling star on the horizon of colourful folk and pop music. Gurmeet Kaur , from a  punjabi family born and brought up in Bangkok , who kept on dreaming to become a renowned singer from the age of 16. She started her carrier with Gurbani Keertan , which she got from her family and folks which runs genetically in any Indian Culture.

    Gurmeet’s  vocal dexterity sets her performances apart. Her courteous interaction with her musical energy has an electrifying impact which lingers in the memory long after the event.

  • Gulam Farid & Chand Nizami

    Gulam Farid & Chand Nizami, are the only exponents who excel in Koll,Gulnaksh,Kalbana, & Rang styles of qawwali singing.

    In his continued efforts to provide supreme quality music , preserving old traditional music & techniques of rhythm & vocal combinations, Daler Mehndi presents,  ‘Qawwalis’. After the successful launch of, ‘Hamd’ – ‘Allah Teri Shaan’ by singer Zulfi Khan, DM Music introduces Qawwals , ‘Gulam Farid & Chand Nizami’ in, ‘Kya Shaan Hai Mere Khwaja Ki’. The Qawwals trained under the sikandra gharana style of singing have mastered the nuances of traditional qawwali under the able auspices of their father, Mehmood Nizami – a recipient of the prestigious ‘Sultan Raagi’ award from late Prime Minister Pt.Jawarhar Lal Nehru. They hail from a family whose past 5 generations have been singing qawwalis at the holy shrines of Dargah Sharif Nizammudin Aulia, at Nizamudin, New Delhi. They have toured all over the world thrice, including U.S., Canada, Mauritius, Malaysia, Iran & Bangladesh etc.

  • Shailendra Bharti

    Shailendra Bhartti is a renowned singer with a rich artistic temperament and melodious voice. It is only after going through years and years of exacting training under an able guru, to bring out a synthesis of voice modulation, that he has been able to achieve this range of unblemished vocal mastery. Hailing from a family with a background enriched with musical heritage, Shailendra started his tutelage at the early age of eight under his father and Guru Pandit Anand Kumar C. The musical atmosphere at home was well imbibed in his young mind and he easily fused into the rhythmic ambience of his birthplace Rajasthan. Shailendra further trained and received early exposure to the intricacies and the nuances of music, under the able guidance of the renowned Tabla and Vocal Maestro (Late) Pt. Bansilalji.

  • Zulfi Khan


    A musical journey that began a decade ago for Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan, has finally found its destination in Allah Teri Shaan, a devotional album brought out under the aegis of DRecords. The 39-year-old Zulfiqar, Zulfi to his friends and fans, shows the same passion to music as his Ustad Abdul Aziz, grandson of Bade Ghulam Ali Khan of the Patiala gharana.

    Coming from a family of lawyers, Zulfiqar actually wanted to be a pilot but his love for music prevailed. He learnt the Rajasthani folk, Mand, and being a passionate listener never missed an opportunity to listen and learn qawwalis and ghazals. Counting Mehndi Hassan and Jagjit Singh as his idols, he has a perfect sense of Indian classical music all thanks to his flawless training under the guidance of his Ustad.

    For somebody who’s a musician by default, Zulfiqar has an impressive list of performances in India and abroad to his name. For instance, he has performed at the Rashtrapati Bhawan and also for the President of Mauritius at Hotel Mansingh at Jaipur besides, several live shows in Dubai and Singapore.

    Always encouraged by his family especially by his elder brother to follow his heart, Allah Teri Shaan is a dream come true. Giving full credit to patron Daler Mehndi for making it possible for him, Zulfiqar always wanted his debut album to be a devotional one, be it hymns, gurbani, kirtan or qawwali. Though Mehndi and his DRecords had a ghazal album in mind, God willed it otherwise. So enamoured were the company with the soulful rendition of the tuneful devotional songs that they decided to kick start Zulfiqar’s glorious musical journey with Allah Teri Shaan.

    And it couldn’t have come at a better time than the sacred month of Id-ul-Zuha. An offering to Allah that comes straight from heart, Allah Teri Shaan is destined to touch the right chords in you!