Om Mani Padme Hum

Om Mani Padme Hum

Om Mani Padme Hum

Daler Mehndi put out his second release this week. Drecords is proud to add ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ the song of fortune to our ever growing repertoire. Lord Gautama Buddha’s teachings are complied in the form of many sutras which are an aide to every individual in daily life. The sutras are intended to spread wisdom and strength of character to a morally feeble world. Kalma Sutra – one of the sutras defined in Buddhism, gave birth to the mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’. The mantra has six syllables preaching six great sublime values of life.

OM preach Generosity
MA teach Pure Ethics
NI enhance Tolerance and Patience
PAD help Persevere
ME bring Concentration
HUM endow Wisdom

The varied culture around the globe has embraised this mantra and adopted its teachings to guide their way of life.

Maa Padmavati – Song of Fortune

Maa Padmavati

Maa Padmavati – Song for Fortune

Daler Mehndi once again does his label proud with the song of fortune, singing in a simple rustic style – he portrays the words of a common man with intensity which only one of Bollywood’s legands can bring to the table. The song is a tale of material desires and spiritual wishes, something each one of us seeks. Set to a foot tapping rhythm, he blends earthy folk vibes into the song to entrance you. The Song of Fortune is a Bhajan talks about the Universal Celestial Power – the Adi Shakti – the Universal Mother, and her alternate avatars of ‘Maa Padmavati’ the Kalyug’s deity of Fortune, who answers the prayers of those seeking to manifest their worldly desires immediately. From singing immortalized bollywood songs like Rang de basanti to this heartfelt veneration of the mother goddess, he is truly a man of many talents.

Instrumenting bass


It’s all about that bass.

Music is created in the mind.

When one looks out for it and seeks it, it comes in a moment like a sudden realization. That one key tune which would hold the song together is something that is primitively originating from the brain. To bring it into the world beyond a human brain, one could use the voice or the help of an instrument. When both voice and instrumental sounds blend well together, music could become anybody’s greatest companion or philosopher.
The sound origination from voice and instruments individually also make up for great music. Instruments have a great potential to move a listener. There are so many musical instruments out there, which come from different parts of the world, that there is no dearth of a wide variety of sounds to soothe the human ear. Basic things around us like buckets, tin cans, lids, plates and spoons can also turn into musical instruments if need be.
However, for the sake of differentiation, musical instruments are classified into various types depending on the kind and range of sound they create. Continue reading

Are we moving towards visuals?

There is music and there are visuals to enhance the feel of it. The music part of it, with the songs, instruments and the tunes make the essence of the feel the song gives. But by the day, increasing importance is being given to the visual of the music. Not just in motion pictures, but music videos as a concept are being given a lot of importance to. Continue reading

Aaja Mere Twitter Te

Aaja Mere Twitter Te Landscape

The world’s first social media song, wherein one is invited to join the twitter handle & Facebook page by the Indian Pop Icon , Daler Mehndi uses the western groove with modern levels and then brings in his celebrated USP the dalermehndi groove which is full of the raw bhangra swing and upbeat tempo. The artist is famous for creating hook lines and songs that creates history. Continue reading