Challa , a unique,  fusion music spectacular featuring folk and pop music which is inspired by legendary “Gurdas Mann” . Challa is gorgeous in its music, symbolizing relationships and a connection of pure love.  

DRecords is pleased to announce their artist Gurmeet Kaur with her album ‘Challa’ releasing worldwide .  DRecords is a cross cultural label which is creative and imaginative, rises with just one vision that of bridging boundaries and breaking borders through Music. Gurmeet Kaur is all set to be a part of such diverse musical  spectacular performance, featuring an array of artists who handily defy cultural categorization in favor of unbridled expression……. a must  see for  all  die – hard music lovers. Continue reading

Shaa Ra Ra Ra


Daler Mehndi rocks you all over again with Shaa Ra Ra Ra.

Much-needed freshness came into the stagnant music industry as the Baap of Bhangra-Pop Daler Mehndi rocks you all over again with Shaa Ra Ra Ra. Energy in his voice combined with powerful rhythm that is infectious will leave you addicted and captivated to Shaa Ra Ra Ra Continue reading

Allah Hu Tumba Kehnda Hai

land scape

Allah Hu Tumba Kehnda Hai’ is a folk song written by the epic Sufi Saint Baba Bulleh Shah. The song talks about a purposeful living-a life that blossoms thus becoming an inspiration for other lives, it touches on this journey. The seriousness of the lyrics of this song propagating a truthful living is composed to foot trapping music with the rustic North-Indian folk flavor of Punjab. The sound of the ‘Tumba’ (north Indian folk instrument), the dholak, with claps evokes Bhangra. The Singer, performer “Jatinder Dutt” (a U.S. based Bhangra instructor) of the famous Gurdas Maan-Jatinder Dutt duo of the yesteryears releases this effervescent dance number under the platform of DM Folk Studio for DRecords. Continue reading

Raula Pai Gaya


‘Raula’ means ‘Dhoom’, chaos or noise that is made when the arrival of a King is being announced.  The King of Bhangra returns after a hiatus of three years with eleven electrifying tracks in album ‘Raula Pai Gaya’. Mehndi shows his true mettle as composer, lyric writer and singer in his album. Continue reading

Ik Ardaas Bhaat Keerat Ki


“Ik Ardas Bhaat Keerat Ki Guru Ramdas Rakho Sarnaee”, is the most regularly sung hymn at every Gurbani Keertan recital across the globe. It’s often sung as a prelude by Gurbani singers due to its words. It’s a humble prayer describing the condition of a seeker and then his yearning for grace. Continue reading