Allah Hu

Daler Mehndi sang his famous sufi song "Allah Hu" impromptu sans his musicians and enthralled the audiences with his soulful rendition. In his own words, "What more darshan could one ask for , when one sings in Allah's praise. The morning started with a visit at the Guru Gobind Singh Ghat also known as the Jaipur Ghat, afternoon I was blessed with darshan at the beautiful and serene Brahma ji Temple in Pushkar, Later at night was the sufi concert at the Guru Gobind Singh Ghat where the sounds of Rajan Ke Raja, the magical words of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji resonated amidst the calm waters, a huge loving audience and then later at night I was bestowed upon this Gift of singing Allah's praise on the occasion of Prophet Mohammed's Birthday at the Dargah Sharif. I feel humbled and eternally grateful to the Almighty," says Daler Mehndi.