Bismillah  by Daler Mehndi calls on the sacred consciousness that dwells in each and every one of us, & celebrates the infinite divinity within – the Sufi way!  It is a divine dialogue, set to captivating music, uplifting the soul to realms above. The album with three tracks is a special release for the special times, and carries a message of profound bliss and joy. Rightly recognized as one of the most creative, unique yet modest artists in the world music scene today, Daler Mehndi’s Journey into Sufiana began much before he shot to fame as a Pop star! Blessed to have been born into a family that followed the path of Baba Nanak – the Guru who is the epitome of Sufism, it was natural for him to be Sufi at Heart & Soul. His father was a Raagi/priest at Takht Shri Patna Sahib, and he introduced Mehndi to Kirtan – the devotional chanting & spiritual music at a very young age. Strongly inspired by Sufi ideology, music to him was a path to reach Divine. His passionate music expressed his longing and desire to union with the beloved, the primal. The Performances in the Genre Sufi started when the Film-maker and artist Muzaffar Ali invited Mehndi to render his soulful voice to timeless mystic poetry and verses at International Annual festival of Sufi music ‘Jahan-e-khusrau’. The spell-binding performance was applauded as one of the best Sufi presentations. Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi heard Daler's Sufi in one of the concerts and fell in love with his soulful voice. So much so that she requested him to launch a Sufi album. Dedicating 2012 to Sufi music, Mehndi recreates the aura of Sufiana by releasing Bismillah! From the traditional Sufi style to new age easy listening, the tracks have been melodiously set to Piano riffs. The ecstatic and entrancing music of Bismillah will guide you into another dimension of existence where spiritual mystic and inner peace is revealed in a new light. So Come, Surrender your Soul & Celebrate the Divine within! Bismillah!!