Guru Ramdas Rakho Sarnai

A compilation of shabads performed by Bhai Kishan pal Singh ji that leaves the audience in a state of religious fervor. The melody of the shabads recited is true to the ragas and bani of the holy manuscript, Guru Granth Sahib ji. Bhai Kishanpal Singh ji shot to fame with the shabad “Baba Nanak Dukhiya” in the movie Kohraam. He boasts of a family background rich in Gurbani recitation. His Grandfather, Sant Bana Janjot Singh Ji of Nanakana Sabib, was a great Saint and a renowned ragi of his times who learnt music from Mahant Gajj Singh Ji, Bhai Kishanpal singh’s Father, Bhai Jaswant Singh Ji was a maestro of Dilruba, an instrument of its kind. He was a shagird of Barkat Ali Sahab and was the one to lay the foundation of the first Gurudwara “Jor Waru” in Malaysia in 1928. Bhai Kishan Pal Singh ji’s uncle Bhai Pal Singh was also a famous ragi and was a disciple of Ashiq Ali Khan Sahab. Gurbani recitation is Bhai Kishanpal Singh ji’s legacy and he is well versed and talented like his ancestors