Jawani Express

Jasveer Singh with his latest pop album “Jawani Express.”  Jasveer Singh, born and brought up in Gulbarga (Karnataka) from a Sikh family, who started dreaming to become a prominent singer from an early age, now is all geared up to be a part of such diverse musical spectacular record label who handily defies cultural categorization in favor of unbridled expression. Jawani Express, an energetic, foot tapping & an ear buzzing album, is a kind of release that reminds you to express love and affection to our loved ones. It’s a 10 track self directed album featuring all original compositions symbolizing a chronological journey written about to disclose one’s feelings and sentiments in a relationship. Using a very basic set-up, given the restrictive recording environment, he painstakingly pieced the album together layering instrument upon instrument, resulting in a remarkable album. His passion and innate sense of the song makes it an utterly compelling, timeless and a must listen album for all die-hard music lovers.