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DRecords is an independent music label mentored by the stalwart performer, author and composer Daler Mehndi. The Record Label is run by Taran Mehndi who is an architect by education but a music promoter by passion, Spic Macay gurukul scholarship holder, gurbani singer with a degree in Hindustani classical music from Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyalaya, an artist manager who successfully ran India’s first talent management company for 13 years. “At DRecords we want to bring forth the talented youth of the country responsibly. India is brimming with talent. And this talent is focusing on and is being ushered, honed, nurtured into the done to death environs of popular music – the mainstream Bollywood way. We want to do things a little differently – Our objective is to secure and preserve our literary heritage, language and music through projects that entice the youth, the kids, the middle aged and the elders. In other words, there...[ Read More ]


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  • Gudiya Rani

    March 08, 2018

    DRecords presents "Gudiya Rani 'in which Girl Child's value is being aggressively advocated by Udit Shandilya. Every girl’s childhood must be preserved, cherished, nurtured and protected. Because she has the right to survive, develop, be protected and participate in decisions that impact her life. We want to be part of a world where girls are celebrated. Where they are treated equally, with love and respect. What is urgently required in society today is a change of attitude & we are promoting these sentiments in 'Gudiya Rani'

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  • Hukum Ke Baadshah

    February 14, 2018

    DRecords brings Hukum ke Baadshah - which depicts the Illusions of life , As we say everything is fair in love and war.The song will give you overview of your most common questions what is true love? Does it exist? Or is it simply a cognitive illusion, a trick of the mind.

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  • Darmiyaan

    January 25, 2018

    DRecords brings Darmiyaan - a tribute to the Indian soldiers, brave and patriotic sons and daughters of India who lay their lives protecting unknown people just because they belong to the land they so lovingly serve.

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