About Us

DRecords is an independent music label mentored by the stalwart performer, author and composer Daler Mehndi.

The Record Label is run by Taran Mehndi who is an architect by education but a music promoter by passion, Spic Macay gurukul scholarship holder, gurbani singer with a degree in Hindustani classical music from Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyalaya, an artist manager who successfully ran India’s first talent management company for 13 years.

“At DRecords we want to bring forth the talented youth of the country responsibly. India is brimming with talent. And this talent is focusing on and is being ushered, honed, nurtured into the done to death environs of popular music – the mainstream Bollywood way. We want to do things a little differently –

  1. Our objective is to secure and preserve our literary heritage, language and music through projects that entice the youth, the kids, the middle aged and the elders. In other words, there will be something for every age group. It’s a long way but we are enjoying every bit of this experience.
  2. Continue providing a platform to budding artists and collaborating with established, renowned artists to create not only good music but leave learning trails for beginners.

We at DRecords want to restore faith of our youth and even the middle aged into this rich heritage of culture and tradition and are seeking all the love and support from our audiences, ” explains Taran Mehndi.

“I want the aspirants to realize their dreams.  They’ll have to put in their hard work but I will be there to watch out for them,”

Daler Mehndi.

DRecords is a workzone and an extended home to its Artists. It is a label by the artist, of the artist and for the artists.