Artist: Hussain Baksh

Hussain Baksh Gulu Khansahab was born in Gurdaspur, Dena Nagar in the house of Ustad  Nathu Khan who later on became the teacher of Hussain Baksh.. He also belongs to the same musical dynasty to whom Bade Aashiq Ali Khan and Ustad Fateh Ali Khan belong to, and it appears very clearly  in his style of singing. He started taking his training from the age of 7, from Ustad Nathu Khan and Ghulam Hussain Gili. He got awards for his singing from nawab beer. Ustad Gulko Khan has given  much importance  to “riyaz”,  that in the beginning he used to practice the whole of morning, noon, and evening which comes to around 21 hrs a day. Today he takes it a bit easy on himself and does riyaz for  5 to 7 hrs a day. His singing expertise is not only restricted to “raag” but arguably has no competition in singing styles like “thumri, dadra, kafi, ghazal & geet.  He is  well-liked in the most popular form of poetry of sufis, i.e., the “kafi”. he has sung the poetries of some of the prominent sufi poets like Hulhy Shah, Shah Hussain, Waris Shah, and Sultan Bahu. In his classical renditions of  “Thumri”, and “Dadra”, he is influenced by Ustad Bade Aashiq Ali Khan, Bare Fateh Ali Khan, Ustad Nathu Khan and Gili Khan. In semi-classical singing he has sung the poetries of Saghar Siddiqui, Mohsin Naqvi and Ahmed Faraz. The people who have appreciated his singing are Dilip Kumar, Lata Ji, Madhu Rani Ji, Nargis, Yash Chopra, Kalyan Ji-AnandJi, and Allah Rakha to name a few, and those of who have accompanied you on tabla are as following: Ustad Allah Rakha , Zakir Hussain, Abdu-s-Sittar Tar, Ustad Fiyaz Khan, Ustad Nizammudin, and Ustad Ramazan Delhi Wale. He is not only a good singer but also a very good teacher. His favourite music forms are raag “Puriya dhanashri” , favourite thath “Marva” and favourite anthem  is ‘Purbi”. Good food, good drink and the best fragrances take to his likings. Similarly modesty and humility are significant traits of his personality. Hussain Baksh Gulu adores Ustad Salamat Ali Khan’s  gayaki,  idolises him & considers him as his guru.