Artist: Shailendra Bharti

Shailendra Bhartti is a renowned singer with a rich artistic temperament and melodious voice. It is only after going through years and years of exacting training under an able guru, to bring out a synthesis of voice modulation, that he has been able to achieve this range of unblemished vocal mastery. Hailing from a family with a background enriched with musical heritage, Shailendra started his tutelage at the early age of eight under his father and Guru Pandit Anand Kumar C. The musical atmosphere at home was well imbibed in his young mind and he easily fused into the rhythmic ambience of his birthplace Rajasthan. Shailendra further trained and received early exposure to the intricacies and the nuances of music, under the able guidance of the renowned Tabla and Vocal Maestro (Late) Pt. Bansilalji.