• Gulam Farid & Chand Nizami

    Gulam Farid & Chand Nizami, are the only exponents who excel in Koll,Gulnaksh,Kalbana, & Rang styles of qawwali singing

  • Gurmeet Kaur

    Gurmeet Kaur is a dazzling star on the horizon of colourful folk and pop music. Gurmeet Kaur , from a punjabi family born and brought up in Bangkok , who kept on dreaming to become a renowned singer from the age of 16. She started her carrier with Gurbani Keertan , which she got from her family and folks which runs genetically in any Indian Culture.

  • Harjeet Mehndi

    Harjeet Mehndi is a very well established versatile artist who is currently based in United States. In spite, of being younger brother of world famous bhangra pop star Daler Mehndi, this artist has created his fans in various communities throughout Canada and USA.

  • Hussain Baksh

    Hussain Baksh Gulu Khansahab was born in Gurdaspur, Dena Nagar in the house of Ustad Nathu Khan who later on became the teacher of Hussain Baksh.. He also belongs to the same musical dynasty to whom Bade Aashiq Ali Khan and Ustad Fateh Ali Khan belong to, and it appears very clearly in his style of singing. He started taking his training from the age of 7, from Ustad Nathu Khan and Ghulam Hussain Gili. He got awards for his singing from nawab beer.

  • Jasveer Singh

    Jasveer was born in Gulbarga (Karnataka) in a Punjabi (Sikh ) family to Amrik Singh Chhabra (Bussinessman) & Manjeet kaur (housewife),a family with out any Music background. He found himself getting fascinated towards Music in his school days. He use to study at night in his college days by hearing kishore kumar & Md Rafi’s old songs at a low volume which inspired him for singing. This reflected his intense attraction to Music which he was also unaware of.

  • Jatinder Dutt

    The dashing Jatinder Dutt has been responsible for running the most successful Punjabi Radio show in San Francisco, Lehran Punjab Diyan. An accomplished classical singer, he has supplanted his inborn talent with outer training. He learned classical music in Patiala from late Pandit Atam Parkash Ji of Gwalior Gharana. He’s pleased to associate with DRecords and feels that among the new and existing music labels this is one label that stands committed to its credo of promoting good music. “I’m grateful to Mr Daler Mehndi for this venture as it has brought melody back into music that was earlier reduced to a cacophony of sound and odd remixes.”

  • Javed Hussain

    Javed Hussain, is a versatile, melodious ghazal performer. The voice of Veer Zara and the son of legendary Ghazal icon Ustad Ahmed Hussain is a power packed performer who has to his credit over 200 concerts.

  • Mika Singh

    Mika Singh for being the youngest of the talented clan; Mika’s association with music goes back to his early childhood. His father Ajmer Singh Chandan was a renowned classical singer; a huzoori ragi in the Durbar of Gurudwara Patna Sahib and his mother was consummate in folk array of music. Mika Singh had to his credit a talented horde of siblings who were all proficient in the field of music and one man who he is grateful to most is his elder brother and the Badshah of Punjabi pop Daler Singh Mehndi. Daler Mehndi not only helped Mika Singh explore his vast talent in the field of music but also made him shed his early inhibitions on stage.

  • Mohammed Vakil

    41 year old award winning renowned ghazal singer Mohammed Vakil has released brand new single titled “Falsafa” under the pop star Daler Mehndi and Taran Mehndi’s record label DRecords. Hailing from Jaipur, under the aegis of Ustad Ahmed Hussain Mohammed Hussain, Vakil’s music has made his presence felt.

  • Nandini Sharma

    Mathematician turned musician, Nandini Sharma is an award winning Hindustani classical singer. Her husky bold surelee voice mesmerizes audiences & shows her musical prowess. There is not a single college fest that this spirited yet grounded Artist has not won. One cannot fathom the powerful voice that comes out of her frail structure. ‘Sufi’ in her thinking, Nandini can entertain her audiences with Ghazals, Sufi, Classical, Bollywood Sufi repertoire.

  • Parvez Mehndi

    Parvez Mehndi in his early days benefited under the guidance of the legendary ghazal King Mehndi Hassan, who not only gave him his expertise in the field of ghazal singing but also bestowed the title ‘Mehndi’ on to his favourite disciple.

  • Rambhajan Bedi

    Award winning 1st runner up of the Radio City Super Singer Season 9, Rambhajan Bedi, is a masters degree holder in Hindustani classical music.

  • Shailendra Bharti

    hailendra Bhartti is a renowned singer with a rich artistic temperament and melodious voice. It is only after going through years and years of exacting training under an able guru, to bring out a synthesis of voice modulation, that he has been able to achieve this range of unblemished vocal mastery.

  • Stutee Tiwari

    Radio City Super Singer Winner 2017, Stutee Tiwari Is a power house performer. Adjudged the Super Singer of season ‘9’ by Radio City & with over a 100 concert performances, Stutee Tiwari is a power packed multi genre Artist who is credited with performing Bollywood, Sufi, Punjabi Pop, Indian Classical Music with same ease as Western Pop music.

  • Udit Shandilya

    Udit Shandilya began his music career at a very early age of 5. He has been trained in classical music and also is a skilled guitarist and pianist.

  • Zulfi Khan

    A musical journey that began a decade ago for Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan, has finally found its destination in Allah Teri Shaan, a devotional album brought out under the aegis of DRecords. The 39-year-old Zulfiqar, Zulfi to his friends and fans, shows the same passion to music as his Ustad Abdul Aziz, grandson of Bade Ghulam Ali Khan of the Patiala gharana.