Artist: Daler Mehndi’s first duet song ‘Baba Nanak Mere Naal Naal’ with a 12 month old debutant Rabaab

World renowned performer, author, composer and Bhangra Pop Icon Daler Mehnditeams up with his one year old daughter Rabaab Mehndi to create a positively charged album celebrating gratitude. A healthy amalgamation of worldly and meditative.

The album comprises of three songs designed to activate shifting of energies. Mehndi’s approach towards these songs is simplistic and deliberate. State of the art grooves are infused on the celestial healing mantra “Waheguru” which raises the vibratory frequencies of one’s mind and body causing the energy shift, lifting one into higher states of universal love and consciousness.

The first song ‘Baba Nanak Mere Naal Naal’ features Rabaab Kaur Mehndi all of twelve months old who debuts with her celebrated and iconic Pop Star father. She recites ‘Dhan Guru Nanak’ after her father, words which were not planned to be a part of this song. Sung in Punjabi the song has healing energies that shifts the listener’s focus from their worries and empowers him/her to achieve the natural ‘carefree’ virtue of the soul. The artist’s words are an expression of his personal (way of life)practice.

The second song ‘Aadh Sach Waheguru’ sung in Hindi acknowledges and proclaims the benevolence of the supreme. On focusing on the words one is filled with gratitude and Anahata Chakra at your heart expands. This expansion causes balance in the mind and body and instantly brings joy. Co-authored by Daler Mehndi, Masood Raheed and Saood – the song will help heal and clear all blockages.

The third song ‘Celestial Energy Chant’ is based on the tradition of Japa (repetitive chanting), it cleanses and expands all the chakras, instills positivity, ignites healing and energizes the mind and body, enabling one to experience their own enlightenment. In the current times of fast pace, overflowing distractions, limited recall and next-to-no ‘pause’ lifestyle, unlike other spiritual and meditative music, this album syncs with similar mindsets/frequencies by using up- tempo grooves and rhythms to channelize and center the energy.

Q & A with Daler Mehndi on Baba Nanak Mere Naal Naal
1. What prompted this thought, how did you conceive this song ?
1. ‘I am what I am because of Baba Nanak. The lives of my Guru’s have inspired me all my life and are the backbone of my thoughts and expressions. I have learnt to live like a King from my Guru’s, in fact the love for nature, farming, environment stems from my Guru’s teachings. The power, the act of striking a balance between care freeness and responsibility; living without a baggage all of this and more, the zeal of giving, sharing and above all gratitude is the wealth I am bestowed with. Living like this is exhilarating and blissful.

To be able to witness emotions and experiences like this, is solely because My Guru’s have lived by example and paved a path for lesser mortals like us by teaching us the true Art of Living, where your life force is to be nourished and enjoyed like a King.

“Baba Nanak Mere Naal Naal,
Kis bande di hai kee majaal,
Jo vekhe bhaeri akh naal,
Mere sir te Baba Nanak tu.
Beparvaiyan, Beparvaiyan… Beparvaiyan hai din raat raat,
Tu sunda ee dil di baat baat”

These words are the motto of my life. When you realize in body, mind and spirit that there Is a God, that there Is a Guru and that your life’s existence depends on this faith and belief; then you come to a state of joy and you become carefree. You know that your problems will be solved, your wishes granted, your affairs will be taken care of. These feelings gave birth to this song.

1. How did the thought of recording with your 12 month old daughter occur to you?
2. These words were going on in my head for over a month and my preoccupations were refraining its dubbing, until one night, after calling it a day and packing off from the studios when I couldn’t wait any longer, I called back my sound engineer Aakash to the studio. We recorded it at 11:30 PM in 15 minutes.

The next day I called all other musicians to come and dub their parts when Rabaab (who is always there during my rehearsals and dubbings) started humming Dhan Guru Nanak. She sings Dhan Guru Nanak in our Gurdwara every morning as a routine, but that, it will come out so beautiful was just bewildering. These words Dhan Guru Nanak were not a part of the song until she hummed and I copied and then recorded her singing it after me.

1. Tell about your relationship with Rabaab?
2. She has brought carefreeness, peace and lots of joy into my life. Sometimes I feel, it’s my late mother Bibi who has come back.
3. How long did the recording take?
4. I dubbed the song in the night and the next day, Rabaab sang Dhan Guru Nanak. After that the music and mixing the song took over a month to bring it to its current state.

1. Why did you select this particular song and not any other, may be something that would describe father daughter relationship?
2. What better gift can nature give to a parent or a child where they get the opportunity to sing in the praise and gratitude of the Almighty. As I told you, it wasn’t planned so I feel it’s a Divine intervention that I am grateful for.

1. Would you want Rabaab to be a singer once she grows up?
2. Yes, Of course! In fact, I hope Rabaab becomes a leading singer in the industry in the. To see her show so much enthusiasm at such a young age gives me immense happiness. But you can blame the genes for that. She has the Gene pool and I pray that she is blessed with the techniques and love for music.(Laughs)

1. Does Rabaab have any favourite song? A tune that she starts dancing to every time she listens to it.
2. Bolo Ta Ra Ra, Dardi Rab Rab, Tunak Tunak Tun and recently has taken a penchant for her Navraj Bhaji’s ( Navraj Hans ) Pitbull v/s Angelina, Bajirao Mastani – Pinga and Mirziya.

Source By : The India Post

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