Artist: Hollywood gets Daler Mehndi Tadka.

Daler Mehndi whose hits like Bolo Ta Ra Ra have been known to echo worldwide recently made it at Cannes. Quite impressed with his songs, director Namrata Singh Gujral collaborated with Daler Mehndi for a track in her Hollywood movie 5 Weddings. This very song, U U Yeah opened at Cannes on 11 May 2018. U U Yeah has been written and composed by Daler Mehndi who said, “When I recorded the song I wanted a video also to go with it. So, what better than a Hollywood film which features Nargis Fakhri. After it was done the track went to Cannes this was an added icing on the cake.” The director tweeted by saying, how happy she was to have Daler Mehndi on board. She also said that Bolo Ta Ra Ra the cult Daler Mehndi epic track was the requirement of the director, but after listening to the film’s script, Taran Mehndi who looks after Daler’s content licensing suggested U U Yeah much to the pleasure of the director as the song completely fitted the film’s requirement as though tailor-made for it. D Records or Daler Mehndi music label as it is popularly referred to seals another international licensing with U U Yeah. U U Yeah is from the film 5 Weddings a Hollywood film featuring Bo Derek, Nargis Fakhri, Raj Kumar Rao and Casey Clark produced and directed by Namrata Singh Gujral opens to the title track by the maverick Daler Mehndi. During an Interview, King of Pop Daler Mehndi said, "The song U U Yeah is different from the current punjabi songs which are releasing in films these days. The lyrics are simple and neat , a mid tempo song which is groovy and fresh. A song that one can enjoy with the entire family." Watch the Trailer :