Artist: Udit Shandilya’s ‘Shukr Hai’ is out on DRecords!

Singer Udit Shandilya has recently released his third single, Shukr Hai. The song of this singing sensation from Aligarh is out on DRecords music label, owned by Daler Mehndi and his wife Taran Mehndi.

Featuring Udit Shandilya and Big FM RJ Kalpana Jadon, Shukr Hai essays story of a couple’s broken relationship and how they get on positively with life while dealing with the breakup maturely. RJ Kalpana is the recipient of the Aligarh Gaurav Sammaan.

Penned as well as composed by Navneet Kedar, the song is the third single of Shandilya, who is currently basking in the success of award winning Gudiya Rani, the singer recently got featured on the digital media’s favourite show TTL social.

Shandilya has put on his best foot forward with this video. Also, the passionate team of DMRecords has also pushed the calibre of the singer to the maximum.

Source By : RadioadnMusic

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