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Aka Dime Profile
New Delhi-110018
Mob. : March 24′ 1994

Key Skills :
# Write, record, edit and mix professional audio sound.
# Coordinate with signers, musicians, record producers and arrangers to create best sound.
#Handle technical aspects of sound during live studio recording.
Song synopsis:
This song “Rukda Ni hun” depicts my aim to become better than myself each day, everyday and to drown in the industry at a steady pace so as to make my family feel proud.
About me :
#Have worked as a ghost artist in several projects.
#Started as an assistant with Gurdeep Mehndi and Navraj Hans for few Years.
#Worked in Gurdeep Mehndi movie.
#Also appeared in Navraj Hans, Young Jeet music video-NO FEAR.
#Signed with DRecords in initial year of my career.
My main area of interest is occupied by “song writing”. And I also like to take part in other interesting activities like playing football, cooking, traveling, adventure sports and gymmings.
About the genre of music:
#Utilize computer software and external hardware including compressors, limiters and equalizers to improve performances.
#Forte’ lies in Hip-hop, trap and folk music.

Space Ship

Spaceship Beats Profile
New Delhi-110018
Mob.: 9650916514
DOB : June 14′ 1996

Gifted music producer with 2 years of building Fanta sound tapestries and taking music to next level.
Inspirational and motivational coaxing the best performances and delivering a light finished product.
Song synopsis:
“Rukda Ni ahun”
We Crux of the song is to keep growing in life in every way and become better than I was yesterday.
About you :
Musical Journey-
I started my career as a rapper and worked with few lesser known personalities in the industry which is music direction.
Further brushed my skills using ‘fruity loop” for about a year. After this I did my professional course from Beat Factory” in 2016.
Also gave my contribution toward music composing in a video “INTRO” with 10,000+ likes on YouTube.
Currently working on 6-7 music projects.
Composing music holds my main area of interest. Apart from this I also invest my time in gaming and also like to spend some quality time with my family.
About the genre of music :
#Work in jazz rock punk hip-hop, trap, EDM.
#Up with latest editing equipment and post-production methods.