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Ghulam Farid & Chand Nizami

Gulam Farid & Chand Nizami

Qawwali is derived from the Arabic word, ‘Qaol’, which metaphorically means axiom or dictum and is a very old traditional form of Islamic devotional singing.

This style of music usually starts with a short introductory alap, followed by the singing of the song wherein the words are sung repeatedly with variations of both rhythm and melodic line to bring out newer and deeper meanings of the lyrics.

Qawwali is inextricably linked to the Sufi tradition, which stresses on the mystical aspect of Islam striving to attain the truth through divine love. From the heart of the Sufi mystic tradition, this music brings together the purity of the word and the power of rhythm in a passionate outpouring of song.

Gulam Farid & Chand Nizami, are the only exponents who excel in Koll, Gulnaksh, Kalbana, & Rang styles of qawwali singing.

In his continued efforts to provide supreme quality music , preserving old traditional music & techniques of rhythm & vocal combinations, Daler Mehndi presents, ‘Qawwalis’. After the successful launch of, ‘Hamd’ – ‘Allah Teri Shaan’ by singer Zulfi Khan, DM Music introduces Qawwals , ‘Gulam Farid & Chand Nizami’ in, ‘Kya Shaan Hai Mere Khwaja Ki’. The Qawwals trained under the sikandra gharana style of singing have mastered the nuances of traditional qawwali under the able auspices of their father, Mehmood Nizami – a recipient of the prestigious ‘Sultan Raagi’ award from late Prime Minister Pt. Jawarhar Lal Nehru. They hail from a family whose past 5 generations have been singing qawwalis at the holy shrines of Dargah Sharif Nizammudin Aulia, at Nizamudin, New Delhi. They have toured all over the world thrice, including U.S., Canada, Mauritius, Malaysia, Iran & Bangladesh etc.