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Jitender Dutt
In their continued efforts to acquaint the audience to new sounds and rhythms of bhangra, D.M. Music, the fast becoming byword for good music, unleashes a new energy in the form of Jitender Dutt. This human-powered dynamo is a well-known name among the Indian community of USA. In fact, where he comes from, he’s commonly referred to as Master of Bhangra. Making his musical debut under the aegis of D.M. Music with Kudi Shikaran Lagdi Hai, Dutt is all set to storm the Indian Bhangra charts with eight gems of songs. With an enriched history of Bhangra, Dutt has the distinction of being the first ever Bhangra coach in California. This messenger of cultural collaborations has made the rustic music popular among the urbane crowd in alien land. Coaching colleges and university teams, nationally and internationally, for youth festivals and competitions, the credit to bring bhangra to California and popularise it therewith goes solely to Dutt. Despite being an icon in the Indian community there his popularity is not limited to the expatriate lot. His recent performance for the Governor of California is testimony to his star status in the region. A guest of honour at every American Cultural Festival, Dutt has successfully bridged the cultural divides. If one were to review the history of this singer, then one would realise that Bhangra is in his blood. For the past 12 years, the dashing Dutt has been responsible for running the most successful Punjabi Radio show in San Francisco, Lehran Punjab Diyan. An accomplished classical singer, he has supplanted his inborn talent with outer training. He learned classical music in Patiala from late Pandit Atam Parkash Ji of Gwalior Gharana. He also made a dynamic duo with Gurdas Maan in when the two performed together for a world tour in 1982 and then again in 1984. According to India Current, “In Bhangra, Dutt’s professional approach is simply the best. No wonder then that the D.M. Music has been the first, as usual, to realise the real potential of his mellifluous notes and his vibrant personality and are proud to present him under their banner.