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Daler Mehndi and his family head to Jaisalmer to attend the wedding of folk singer Mame Khan’s daughter.

The Indian Pop icon has not only decided to go but written and composed a song specially for Mame Khan’s daughter’s Nikah on the 8th of August to be held in a village in Jaisalmer.

The song titled Aao Ji, is a welcome song! It is Mehndi’s first ever Rajasthani song, the melody is composed using three Hindustani classical Ragas, each blending into the other with a grace of a nimble footed ballerina. Starting with the notes of Raag Des, the song traverse through Jaijaivanti to lead to the antra in Raag Saraswati.

In order to gift it to her on her wedding, Mehndi and his team has been working round the clock to record, mix master, shoot, et el. 

Indian classical meets folk showcasing the traditional Ghoomar.

Daler’s team has been excitedly sharing reels as they start their journey. The official poster has been released and the song will release on Saturday, 8th of August across all platforms at 4 pm.

“Daughters are special, fulfilling their wishes  is joyous for any father. I am going with my family as family to bless her. My 7 year old daughter, Rabab is eagerly awaiting to ride a camel and see the sand dunes.” said Daler Mehndi.

Mehndi has written and composed the song himself using Rajasthani words.

We have heard that Mame Khan’s family is also waiting eagerly and have made special arrangements and traditional costumes for their special guests, Daler Mehndi, his wife Taran and daughter Rabab.



Aao Ji *2
Ghar Maro Ji Padharo
Ghar Maro Rangdaro

Ghoomar Ghar Aao *4
Aao Ji *4
Ghar Maro Rangdaro *2
Ghoomar Ghar Aao *4

Balma Tarse Jeevda
Lage Naa Thare Bina Hiwda

Balma Tarse Jeevda
Lage Naa Thare Bina Hiwda

Aaja Balam Na Sata *2

Ghar Maro Rangdaro*2
Ghoomar Ghar Aao *3
Aao Ji *2
Ghar Maro Rangdaro *2

Ghoomar Ghar Aao *4


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