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Ajj Nazran Naal Pela Saaqi


Ejaz Sher Ali, is the young and uprising star son of one of Pakistan´s oldest legendary qawwals
Sher Ali of the Mehr Ali & Sher Ali duo, who are regarded to be the successors in Qawwali
singing after the late legend Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab.
Ejaz is the lead vocalists of the band. ROCQAWALI, famous for mixing Sufi music of Qawali with
a Western back drop of Rock´n´Roll. Apart from singing and performing in live concert, he
contributes to the society by teaching under priviledged children qawwali, Hamd, Nazms across
the world.
Ajj Nazran Nal Pila Saaqi is composed by legend of qawwalis Ustad Sher Ali. Ejaz Sher Ali has
given a western twist to a new age in the present consumer time.



Ajj Nazran Nal Pila Saqi
Mere Saqi Ajj Sharabain Tay bas Karam Tay Karam kamai Jaa
Aj Koi Hisab Kitab Nah RakhBas Khulay Dil Vartai Ja….
Makhmoor Akhan Nu Kholi Rakh Tak Tak Kay Mast Banai Ja Chad Jogi Jaam Suriyan Nu…

Ajj Nazran Nal Pila Saqi
Howey Khair Tery Maikhanay Ki
Akhiyan Vich Akhiyan Dobi Rakh
Nae Lor Kisay Paimanay Di…

Tere Pyar Di Main Madhooshi Vich *2
Rab Jarian Ki Kuj Keh Jawan *2
Koi Masti Dai Vich Bhul Huway *2
Karin Maaf Khata Mastany Di
Ajj Nazran Nal Pila Saqi

Jo Akhaan Mainu Akhan *2
Dain Kitay Yar Bura Na Man Javein *2
Jadoon Pilay Faeer Sharabi Nu *2
Nae Rehndi hosh Zamany Di
Ajj Nazran Nal Pila Saqi

Main Saqia Raj Raj Penni *2
Jay Pendian Pendian Jind Muk Jaye *2
Maikhany Daiy Vich Sutt Devin 2
Aye Lash Teray Dewany Di
Ajj Nazran Nal Pila Saqi

Aeho Dil Vich Hasrat Hai Jogi 2
Teinu Takdiyan Takdiyan Dam Nikly 2
Teri Nazar Bhana Ban Jaway 2
Tay Away Mot Bahanay Di
Ajj Nazran Nal Pila Saqi

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