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Allah Hu Tumba Kehnda Hai


Allah Hu Tumba Kehnda Hai
‘Allah Hu Tumba Kehnda Hai’ is a folk song written by the epic Sufi Saint Baba Bulleh Shah. The song talks about a purposeful living-a life that blossoms thus becoming an inspiration for other lives, it touches on this journey. The seriousness of the lyrics of this song propagating a truthful living is composed to foot trapping music with the rustic North-Indian folk flavor of Punjab. The sound of the ‘Tumba’ (north Indian folk instrument), the dholak, with claps evokes Bhangra. The Singer, performer “Jatinder Dutt” (a U.S. based Bhangra instructor) of the famous Gurdas Maan-Jatinder Dutt duo of the yesteryears releases this effervescent dance number under the platform of DM Folk Studio for DRecords.



Allah Hu Tumba Kehnda Ae
Tumba Tunak Tunak Tunak Tah, Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Karda
Bajori Yaar Dey Dam Nahi Bhorda
Na Eh Randa Hashar Ton darda
Har Dam Zikar Allah Da Karda
Har Dam Zikar Allah Da Karda
Tar Bina Nahi Vajda Tumba Wich Mitti Mil Jave—-2
Be Aklen Te Moorakh Bandeyan , Rag Somajh Na Aavey
Apne Voss Di gall Na Koi , Yaar J Taar Hilavey
Chhabbi Hazar Namaz Fakkar Di , Taari Panj Kihdiyan Parhda.
Bule Shah Tey Sabh Jag Beli Anbeli V Beli—-2
Sajna Baj Mohommad Baksha Sunni Payee Hoveli—3
Jinah Ander Ishq Samaya Ohna Hi Tar Jone—-2
Sohne Bhaven Milon Hazara Asa Ni Yaar Vajtauna—-3


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