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Duma Dam Mast Kalandar


Delhi based record label, DRECORDS, run by the Indian Pop Icon, Daler Mehndi and his filmmaker, architect and author wife Taran Mehndi are set out to launch a unique Project “Jewels of Music”.
Babloo Mahender, the maverick music director and the rhythmist for films like Dangal, epic songs like Balle Balle, Bolo Ta Ra Ra anda 1000 other super hit songs, composed the foot tapping music for Dama Dum Mast Kalandar, pushing Sugan Devi out of her comfort zone of singing bhajans.
Sugan Devi beautifully renders Duma Dum with her rustic folk voice to the traditional song made famous by Runa Laila ji. The song would be streaming online for music lovers to enjoy.. ‘In my journey ahead I will be scouting talent and help the mrealize their dreams. It sounds cliché’ but the talent I am looking for will be above the age of 40.
This Pandemic has made time to reflect at various levels. As I have said earlier, this time is an OPPORTUNITY for the world’s biggest community – HUMANITY to come together, and amidst the pain and suffering we have seen people come together as One. There is so much to do and the time is ticking, and so one project that I am eager to share with you all and also seek your support is“Jewels of Music”.
Between my wife Taran and I, we are on the lookout for artists men and women, musicians, singers, composers, songwriters who have never received a platform owing to circumstances in their lives, poor financial conditions, society hindrances, the reason could be any and they never got a chance to showcase their voice, so do help us find some. Our young team resisted and said, but people want to see youngsters, help young lads and figure sculpted young girls and we agree with them but there is also the hopeful wishful, greys waiting for that ONE Chance. So Taran and I, with DRECORDS proudly present an incredible voice from Mandsaur, “Sugan Devi Gandharv”




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