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Gaao Gaao Ree Dulhanee


Gaao Gaao Ree Dulhanee
Gaao Gaao Ree Dulhanee is a Shabad written by Bhagat Kabir Ji that celebrates the marriage of the soul bride with the Husband Lord, the Supreme Power, the Infinite, the Divine.
This Unison of becoming One (of the soul) with the Infinite is beautifully described by the spiritual poet Kabir. During this life there come many opportunities beckoning the soul towards its highest goal.
One such milestone is marriage. Rumi and Khalil explore marriage from a perspective of relationship between two souls, the space between them, the bond of harmony they should cultivate.
But Kabir takes a deeper plunge by narrating the marriage of his own soul with the Divine. He decodes the institution of marriage as an extremely important opportunity for each soul. He uses marriage as a metaphor. He calls upon the body to be treated as a dying vat on which the mind is to be dyed. He asks the five elements – earth, wind, water, fire, ether and their attributes – as guests at this marriage where the soul that is imbued in the love of the Divine takes vows with God. Such is the joy of the soul that it rejoices in love and beckons to other soul brides to sing the songs of communion celebrating the homecoming of the husband lord.
Kabir narrates that it is at the lotus of the heart where the marriage ceremony takes place for it’s the heart where the bridal pavilion is constructed and that’s where the words of wisdom of God are spoken. The Soul celebrates its good fortune of experiencing this Divine spectacle which is attended by the angles, holy men, silent sages, and the 330,000,000 deities who come in their heavenly chariots. Kabir celebrates this communion of his soul.

Taran Mehndi

Rebeat :
Gaao Gaao Ree Dulhanee is a shabad written by Sufi poet Kabir and composed by Daler Mehndi describing the spiritual marriage of the soul with the Supreme.



aaasaa ||

tan rainee man pun rap kar ha paacha tat baraatee ||

raam raai sia bhaavar laiha aaatam teh ra(n)g raatee ||1||

gaao gaao ree dhulahanee ma(n)galachaaraa ||

mayray gireh aae raajaa raam bhataaraa ||1|| rahaa ||

naabh kamal meh baydhee rach lay braham giaaan auchaaraa ||

raam raai so dhoolah paaio as baddabhaag hamaaraa ||2||

sur nar mun jan kautak aae kott taytees aujaanaa(n) ||

keh kabeer moh biaaeh chalay hai purakh ek bhagavaanaa ||3||2||24||


I make my body the dying vat, and within it, I dye my mind. I make the five elements my marriage guests.

I take my marriage vows with the Lord, my King; my soul is imbued with His Love. ||1||

Sing, sing, O brides of the Lord, the marriage songs of the Lord.

The Lord, my King, has come to my house as my Husband. ||1||Pause||

Within the lotus of my heart, I have made my bridal pavilion, and I have spoken the wisdom of God.

I have obtained the Lord King as my Husband – such is my great good fortune. ||2||

The angles, holy men, silent sages, and the 330,000,000 deities have come in their heavenly chariots to see this spectacle.

Says Kabeer, I have been taken in marriage by the One Supreme Being, the Lord God. ||3||2||24||


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