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It’s Guru Nanak Jayanti and DRecords is pleased to announce the release of album, Har Har by Taran
Mehndi (architect, writer and film maker) wife of Pop Icon Daler Mehndi, featuring their 7 year old
daughter Rabab and the stalwart of music Daler Mehndi himself.
New Delhi, 17th November 2021:
“We are celebrating Guru Nanak Patshah ji’s Prakash Gurpurab by singing Gurbani together as a
family,” informs Taran Mehndi. Whilst Taran Mehndi has chosen a shabad authored by the fifth
Nanak Jyot, Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji titled Mayee Ree, which she used to sing to her daughter as a
lullaby, Daler Mehndi sings the soulful shabad “Deho Sajan” authored by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, an
ardas, a yearning prayer that is all about seeking blessings for the Divine Union of the soul.
The album Har Har has two tracks, the first is Har Har (the Creative Infinity Mantra Chant )and the
other is the shabad Mayee Ree. Taran Mehndi, singer, music composer and founder-CEO at
DRecords, is a firm believer in the Divine power and has Gurbani instilled in her soul. Daler Mehndi
adds magic with the back ground alap to this very easy going hummable composition.
“I chose the composition from a child’s perspective, Rabab had easily learnt the shabad in a go
because of its tune and pattern. I used to bring to her consciousness, the way Guru Arjan Patshah
authored the words, the rhyming of words was fascinating to her young mind and made the GURU
closer, approachable like a friend. Words Juh, Samooh, Khooh sounded fun and the job was done,
she started humming it while playing with her dolls. As parents you want your children to have a
bankable, dependable anchor, one that will always be there, one that is a true friend and guide. And
no one compares to the Shabad Guru. No one fits the description. I am honoured to sing to the
direction of my awesome husband, legend, mentor and dearest friend. ,” Taran Mehndi.
“Taran has been singing gurbani since ever and that’s been the bond of our relationship. I am happy
and pleased that she finally decided to produce the album, “Daler Mehndi.
The music of this shabad is arranged by Amarpreet Singh and Haider Ali. It is recorded mixed and
mastered by Aakash Jaitly.
Har Har is composed by Daler Mehndi and music arranged by Late Hemant Sharma. The chant is
invoking the creative infinite energy of the DIVINE. Har is all pervasiveness, the Life force that is in all
spaces, present at all times, in all beings and things, in everything and everyone. The mantra is
extremely powerful, expansive absolving all otherness. HAR is all. Har is all there is.
From the Mehndi’s here is wishing every one a Very Happy Gurpurab.
Wishing everyone a Guru Blessed a Guru Guided life.

Daler Mehndi will be releasing a gurbani prayer that seeks blessings for the souls union, authored by
Guru Nanak Dev Ji, titled Deho Sajan.. .Stay tuned, to be released on 19 th Nov 2021.





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