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It’s Dashm Patshah ji’s birth anniversary and we at DRecords are in full gusto to celebrate the Prakash Gurpurab with our latest release “Har Sachae Takht Rachaya”, sung and composed with immense feelings of love and gratitude by Indian Pop Icon, Daler Mehndi.

“I sing Gurbani because that satiates my inner voice. I honour my calling by singing Gurbani, Bhajans, Sufi songs, Ghazals which are food for soul. As a child I wanted to be a very big Ragi but destiny had other plans and I ended up being a Pop singer performer. Gubani anchors me and my go to for any and every situation, good or bad. Infact my initial music training was also at the Gurdwara Sahab singing shabads, learning from my scholarly parents.
I try to release a Gurbani album for every Gurpurab,” Daler Mehndi.

The composition is simple, sing along like we sing during Prabhat Pheri’s while celebrating the Gurpurab.

This shabad is a Var (a poetic expression) authored by Bhai Gurdas Ji 2, a revered sikh scholar and poet in the court of the tenth Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji – describing the mankind’s biggest and unique spiritual event ‘an initiation ceremony’ that created a blue print of an ideal flawless human being, “The Khalsa”.

He euphorically writes in wonderment as he witnesses a never seen before phenomena where the Guru elevates the disciple to HIS level and then reverses the role by becoming their disciple. This event is one of its kind in the history of mankind where the Guru becomes the Chela (disciple) and the Chela (disciple ) is accepted by the Guru as the Guru, this is what Bhai Gurdas ji exclaims in wonderment, “Wah Wah Gobind Singh Aape Gur Chela” a super example of Oneness, of Detachment, of Empowerment, of Trust, of Surrender, of Inclusivity, of Expansiveness, of Fearlessness.

Bhai Gurdas substantiates Guru Nanak’s philosophy of freeing mankind of all bondages, boundaries, blockages by simply invoking one’s own Higher Self which is Divine, Wise, Calm, Happy, Creative, Content, All Powerful, All Pervasive, All Encompassing, All Inclusive, All Expansive, Healthy and Blessed at all times, now and always. HE demonstrated this throughout his life, however Bhai Gurdas refers to the instance of Guru Nanak’s discourse with the Siddhas who were rigid, powerful, loaded with tantras and mantras, the top clergy, the wise yogis, staying at the highest and difficult snow clad peaks, where HE made them see, feel and understand their non cognizant, shackles of falsehood, pride and FREED them from this falsehood.

Creating spirit born people through love and oneness that Guru Baba Nanak started was carried forward by the Guru’s and given its final form by the 10th Nanak, Guru Gobind Singh.
This true timeless throne of eternal truth is what Bhai Gurdas ji celebrated and we are celebrating as well.

Mehndi’s last Gurbani album was the unique Celestial Aarti which he released on Guru Nanak Jayanti, a first ever attempt by anyone in the prescribed Ragas. Mehndi has sung many Gurbani Shabads over the years, Salok Mehla 9, JapJi Sahib, Ananad Sahib, Kyon Na Har Ko Naam Le, Ustat Kar Kar Jeevan, Mere Raam, Celebrated Rajan Ke Raja, The Ik Onkar Mool Mantar.

Mehndi’s sufi catalogue, bhajans are equally impressive. He is indeed one of India’s rare singer who commands each genre with immense grace and control.

Happy Gurpurab.





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