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Hori Khelungi Baba Bullesh Shah – By Daler Mehndi

In the journey towards truth, a seeker undergoes a profound transformation, it’s an ascension . On the path, many feelings and emotions accost him/her, the means of which is love, yearning and devotion. At some point his/her supplication takes form of a celebration. No … it’s not that seeker has come to an end of his/her journey, it’s not a commemoration but the buoyancy of the sheer joy of being on the path is what causes him/her to celebrate.

A sufi way of life is cherishing the human-ness, it’s that act of being human which perceives the Truth, the whole of Reality, one that comes from being one with oneself, by loving, by seeing from one’s inner being. It comes from recognizing, acknowledging ardently in gratitude the Benevolence of God. The seekers incessantly try to sustain the Anand/Bliss of a non ephemeral nature, which they are blessed with as a by product of being in this journey.

Hori Khelungi Keh is such a celebration by one of the undivided India’s most revered philosopher, humanist, sufi poet – Baba Bulleh Shah of the late 16th century, who also titled as “The man of God” , “The Knower of Spiritual Grace”. Transcending cultures, faiths the author uses ‘Hori’ – a spring festival of colors (prominently a Hindu festival) as a metaphor.

The song/kafi is euphoric in its expression. The author pleads with joy, affirms his supplication by advocating, like a command ‘Keh Bismillah’ to himself – thereafter setting an exemplary example for another seeker.

The onset of spring, hori, reference of boond (drop of water) are all metaphors for the ineffable joy being experienced by the Author as though he had caught a glimpse of the Supreme, tasted revelation which has caused more joy, more yearning, more surrender and more love.

Daler Mehndi, The celebrated Pop Star of India harkens his spiritual seeking inner self by composing befitting music and performing with similar gusto the words penned by Baba Bulleh Shah as though a seeker finds wings to his search when in communion with another on a similar path.

The song was performed live first in 2006 at the Humayun’s Tomb, Jahan – e – Khusrau an event organized by the ace film maker Muzaffar Ali of the ‘Umrao Jaan’ fame. The song is in a Qawwali style compete with the signature Daler Mehndi energy, a panache strong enough to engulf any seeker and make a non-believer dance in celebration.



Hori(Holi) Khelungi Keh Bismillah
Naam Nabi Kee Ratn Chadi Hai,
Boond Parhi Allah Allah
Rang Rangeele Ohee Khilaave,
Jo Sikhee Hove FanaFi Allah,
Hori Khelungi Keh Bismillah,
Alasto Ton Bal Bikam Preetam Boley,
Sab Sakhiyan Ne Ghoonghat Kholey,
KalooBala Hi Yun KarBoley, La IllahIlIllah
Hori Khelungi Keh Bismillah
Naahan Akarath Kee Bansi Bajaee
Man Arf Nafsau Kee Kook Sunaee
Fasmavaj Ullaha Kee Dhoom Machaee
Vich Darbar Rasoole Allah
Hori Khelungi Keh Bismillah
Hath Jor Kar Paaon Parungi
Aajiz Ho Kar Binnatee Karoongi
Jhagraa Kar Bhar Jholee Loongi
Noor Mohammad Sal Ullah
Hori Khelungi Keh Bismillah
Fazkarooni Kee Hori Banaun
Fazkarooni Peeya Ko Rijhaun
Aiso Piya Ke Main Bal Bal Jaun
Kaisa Piya Subhan Allah
Hori Khelungi Keh Bismillah
Sabgat Ullahe Kee Bhar Pichkaari
Allah Us Madd Pee Muh Par Maari
Noor Nabi Ka Hakk Se Jaari
Noor Mohammad Sal Illah
Bulleh Shah Ki Dhoom Machi Hai
La IllahIlIllah
Hori Khelungi Keh Bismillah

Credirs :
Year: 2016
Song : Hori Khelungi Baba Bullehshah
Singer : Daler Mehndi
Composition : Daler Mehndi
Lyrics : Baba Bullehshah
Label : DRecords

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