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Ik Onkar – 1 Force


Ik Onkar – 1 Force

This 2021 we wish you, your family, and your entire publication soaring heights. We’ve all gone through a lot, so we at DRECORDS requested our celebrated Artist to give us a positive, high on energy, a typical Daler Mehndi song.

Instead, he gifted us a chant. This is his response, “The whole of 2020 was shocking at first and then mesmerizingly beautiful, stalling everything and everyone with full force to STOP and REFLECT. My offering to the world to start 2021 with, will be Guru Nanak Dev ji’s gift to the world. Ik Onkar. The mool, the root, the clear stark TRUTH of oneness, which has been my constant source of upliftment, calmness, centeredness throughout my life and especially the last year. I start 2021 with this powerful gift from Guru Nanak Sahab of ONENESS to myself, my children and this world. Onkar is the source of all existence and the numeric IK is a proclamation intended to stop all wanderings of the mind to align, center and understand that there is but only one, there is no other. It is the ulterior goal and purpose of each one of us to become that – ONE by not renouncing but accepting and by being inclusive. In our everyday lives operating out of this ONENESS is a gift, a practice at which we fail miserably at most occasions and a few lucky ones intermittently get toexperience this Ik or Oneness whilst pursuing their passion. This is the Karta Purakh (The Pervasive Creator ) attribute of the IK Onkar of that 1 Force, that 1 Energy or Divine which in our existence we experience by cultivating a creative response. It could be teaching for someone, serving as a doctor for other, gardening, singing, cooking, dancing – for those moments when we are truly present is when we experience the Ik Onkar 1 Force. Starting the year with this powerful wisdom of Guru Nanak ji, we – you, me and all can develop a ONENESS centric worldview, which is needed now more than ever.”

The track is composed by Daler Mehndi, easy to sing along and grows on you. The video is equally special, DRecords collaborated with Art Heritage of S. Sohan Singh Artist Memorial Trust, Amritsarand thank them for permitting the use of rare pictures of the wall paintings unfolding the life of Guru Nanak Sahab. These are exclusive paintings photographed at the Gurdwara Atal Rai, by the esteemed graphic artist, the Late Surinder Singh and published in an exquisite book Janam Sakhi. All these paintings are destroyed over the years by ill keep of the Gurdwara Sahab.

The mool mantar has been explained by thinkers and philosophers like Acharya Vinoba Bhave, Osho, Khushwant Singh, Prof Puran Singh, Bhai Vir Singh and many great minds over the years, but we needed simpler action oriented experience of the Ik Onkar, which was facilitated by SikhRi. We approached Inni Kaur, Creative Director at Sikh Research Institute, USA, for the Shabad wisdom. We extend our deep gratitude to SikhRi for permitting us to use their content. The video has explanations that guide us to incorporate IKONKAR in our daily life. The explanations are courtesy SIkhRi (Sikh Research Institute) – a great resource and institute for anyone who is seeking to develop an understanding of the Shabad Guru.




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