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Maaee moro Pritam


Āsāvarī mėhlā 4.

Māī moro parīṯam rām baṯāvhu rī māī.
O mother, my mother, tell me about my Beloved Lord.

Hao har bin kẖin pal rėh na sakao jaise karhal bel rījẖāī. ||1|| rahāo.
Without the Lord, I cannot live for a moment, even an instant; I love Him, like the camel loves the vine. ||1||Pause||

Hamrā man bairāg birkaṯ bẖaio har ḏarsan mīṯ kai ṯāī.
My mind has become sad and distant, longing for the Blessed Vision of the Lord’s Darshan, my Friend.

Jaise al kamlā bin rėh na sakai ṯaise mohi har bin rahan na jāī. ||1||
As the bumblebee cannot live without the lotus, I cannot live without the Lord. ||1||

Rākẖ saraṇ jagḏīsur piāre mohi sarḏẖā pūr har gusāī.
Keep me under Your Protection, O Beloved Master of the Universe; fulfill my faith, O Lord of the World.

Jan Nānak kai man anaḏ hoṯ hai har ḏarsan nimakẖ ḏikẖāī. ||2||39||13||15||67||
Servant Nanak’s mind is filled with bliss, when he beholds the Blessed Vision of the Lord’s Darshan, even for an instant. ||2||39||13||15||67||

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