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Omkareshwar Mahadev


Omkareshwar Mahadev

‘Omkareshwar Mahadev’ is another milestone by DRecords in the new age devotional music. The CD of this celestial album has seven beautiful devotional tracks dedicated to Lord Shiva and his devotees in the enchanting voice of Shailendra Bharti.
Lord Shiva is the epitome of profound wisdom, grandeur, transformation and represents all-pervading transcendental consciousness. It permeates the entire existence. Omkareshwar Mahadev – is a captivating collection of majestic renditions sung with love and devotion in the glory of Lord Shiva. Glorifying the ‘Shiv tattva’, these soulful tracks help the inner consciousness expand to connect with the universal flow of the energy! The mesmerizing music touches your soul and transports you into a timeless space of serene stillness and profound spiritual peace. Those who sing along inevitably bring grace and devotion into their lives! It gives the listener the power to transform challenges into stepping stones!
DRecords invites you on a journey through the devotional Shiv bhajans of Omkareshwar Mahadev to explore the ultimate presence. It may let you give up the fear of unknown & experience the supreme transformation!





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