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Sabhae Jee Samaal


Sabhae Jee Samaal is a shabad written by the fifth Sikh Guru Sri Arjun Dev Ji. The prayer hymn seeks protection for all beings live and innate living in this world and the netherworlds. It is an extempore live studio duet jammingsession recorded by fluke. It displayes the musical prowess of the pop singer Daler Mehndi and his late uncle Ragi Bhai Kishanpal Singh. The hymn has many verses from the Adi Granth substantiating on the benevolence of the Supreme Power. The 27 minutes hymn is sung in the puratan keeran style using the Chhota teen taal meter of rhythm.



Salok Mahalla 5

sabhae jeea samaal apanee mihar kar ||
a(n)n paanee much oupaae dhukh dhaaladh bha(n)n thar ||
aradhaas sunee dhaathaar hoee sisatt t(h)ar ||
laevahu ka(n)t(h) lagaae apadhaa sabh har ||
naanak naam dhhiaae prabh kaa safal ghar ||1||


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