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Saheb-e-Kamal Guru Gobind Singh (Devotional Shabad Gurbani) by Bhai Kishanpal Singh Ji.

The album is the first ever anthology of Gurbani of Dashm Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Bhai Kishanpal Singh Ji sings the Shabads in Veer Rasa in the traditional Dhadi style. It has a unique mix of the sound of the famous “Ranjit Nagaras” & “Beguls” for the first time ever in the history of Gurbani album. The shabads captivates and transcends the audiences into the history when Khalsa Panth was born. The conventional style of singing and music gives a feeling of the Baisakhi of 1699, where Guru Gobind Singh called for sacrifice to baptise the oppressed and start a new movement against tyranny of the Moghul Empire. The album is a must for all to relive the historic origin of the Khalsa Panth.



Ouh Gur Gobind Hoye Pragteya
Ouh Gur Gobi(N)Dh Hue Pragattiaa Dhasavae(N) Avathaaraa A
Jin Alakh Akaal Nira(N)Janaa Japiou Karathaaraa A
Nij Pa(N)Thh Chalaaeiou Khaalasaa Dhhar Thaej Karaaraa A
Sir Kaes Dhhaar Gehi Kharrag Ko Sabh Dhusatt Pashhaaraa A
Seel Jath Kee Kashh Pehar Pakarriou Hathhiaaraa A
Sach Fathae Bulaaee Guroo Kee Jeethiou Ran Bhaaraa A
Sabh Dhaith Arin Ko Ghaer Kar Keeou Prehaaraa A
Jab Sehijae Pragattiou Jagath Mai Gur Jaap Apaaraa A
Yo(N) Oupajae Si(N)Gh Bhuja(N)Geeeae Neela(N)Bar Dhhaaraa A
Thurak Dhusatt Sabh Shhai Keeeae Har Naam Ouchaaraa A
Thin Aagai Koee N T(H)Ehiriou Bhaagae Siradhaaraa A
Jeh Raajae Shaah Ameerarrae Hoeae Sabh Shhaaraa A
Fir Sun Kar Aisee Dhhamak Ko Kaa(N)Pai Gir Bhaaraa A
Thab Sabh Dhharathee Halachal Bhee Shhaaddae Ghar Baaraa A
Eiou(N) Aisae Dhu(N)Dh Kalaesh Mai(N) Khapiou Sa(N)Saaraa A
Thehi Bin Sathigur Koee Hai Nehee(N) Bhai Kaattanehaaraa A
Gehi Aisae Kharrag Dhikhaaeian Ko Sakai N Jhaelaa A
Vaah Vaah Gobi(N)Dh Si(N)Gh Aapae Gur Chaelaa || 15 ||

Guru Gobind Singh Manifested As The Tenth Incarnation.
He Inspired The Meditation Upon The Imperceptible, Timeless And Flawless Creator.
And Initiated The Khalsa Panth, The Religious Path Of Righteousness, And Bequeathed Scintillating Splendour.
Head High With Full Tresses, And The Sword In Hand, (The Panth) Eliminated The Adversaries,
Wearing The Breaches, The Symbol Of Chastity, Raised The Arms,
Roaring The War-Cries Of Victory To The Guru, Prevailed In The Immense Battlefields,
Rounded Up All The Devilish Foes And Annihilated Them.
And Then Docilely Manifested The Appraisal Of Great Guru In The World.
Thus Descended The Young Singhs, The Lions, Like The Rain Showers From The Blue Sky,
Who Eliminated All The Turk (Ruling Muslim) Enemies And Promoted The God’s Name.
None Dared To Face Them, And All The Chieftains Took To Their Heels.
The Kings, Sovereigns And Emirates, All Of Them Were Decimated.
With High Pitched Drum-Beats (Of Victory), Even The Mountains Shuddered.
The Upheaval Ruffled The Earth And People Forsook Their Domiciles.
In Such A Conflict And Distress, The World Was Absorbed.
And There Was None Else Than The True Guru Who Could Eradicate The Fright.
He (The True Guru), Beholding The Sword, Displayed The Feats Bearable To None.
Hail, Hail (Guru) Gobind Singh; He, Himself, Is The Master And The Disciple Too.

Year- April 2013
Album- Saheb-e- Kamaal
Song- Ouh Gur Gobind Hoye Pragteya
Author- Kavi Guru Das Ji
Composer – Daler Mehndi
Singer- Lt. Bhai Kishan Pal singh Ji


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