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Sajjan De Hath


Sajjan De Hath

Jewels of Music is a continuous endeavour in bringing forth musicians, artists who have honed to perfection a style of singing or playing an instrument which is unique, raw, rich and powerful.
The world is full of artists who have accompanied big stars and have somehow just managed to be heard and known in their niche circuits, we at DRecords through this Project – Jewels of Music finds those sparkles lying scattered and are threading them together by releasing their albums, showcasing their unique talent to the world.
A 62 year old bhajan singer from a remote town of Mandsour, Sugan Devi Gandharv sang the Sufi staple Dama Dum Mast Kalandar in her sweet raw voice, Ustad Imtiaz Ali And Shahzad Ali’s classical ghazals got an urban dose.. coming soon in Dhol solo by industry stalwart Ramjaan bachhooo and the numero uno doyen of Harmonium playing across two countries the Bhure Khan




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