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Sauda Dil Wala
Sauda Dil Wala (Deal of the Heart) is a 8 track album in the voice of singer Akhtar Ali from Punjab India.
The songs revolve around Love and the ‘Lady Love’ as the intrinsic theme of the Album. Although ‘Love’ is a universal language but when it is depicted by words set to rhythm and music it can immediately transfer the listener to the environs where the artist belongs to or wants to take the listener to. However, Putt Jat Da’, ‘Lou Ni Saheli Ni’ depict the socio-economic situation of the place where this artist hails from.
The album is a vivid example of an imbalance created by the advent of consumerism or cosmopolitization of a rural town – it’s culture, it’s language, it’s music.
The Artist’s rural rustic tonality stands in striking contrast but well fused with the pop music created by the twin brother duo Luvv Khush (who hail from a generation brought up on Sodas, MC Hammers, Pitbulls of the world).
Various lyricists have penned the songs. The 6th song is worded by the famous Indian Pop Icon “Daler Mehndi”

Singer: Akhtar Ali
Music Composition: Daler Mehndi
Arrangement: Luvv Khush
Lyrics : Suresh Bansal, Daler Mehndi, Harmail Dhiman, Meenu Singh, Akhtar Ali





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