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Shukr Hai


Shukr hai is a song about a couple who are no longer together.. But deep down both of them still have feelings for each other. Despite falling apart they chose to pick themselves up and convert themselves into the individuals they wanted to be.. both of them helped each other to become what they are now, both of them inspired each other to be a better person ..
The more the love is, the more the sacrifices are.. But they chose not to put their careers at stake for their love and drifted apart..

Still They are both thankful and hope that the other one still cares about them.

The song teaches us to deal with break ups more maturely. We don’t need to think negatively about the person that left us, we should be thankful about the moments spend together and the good things we learned from them and always keep our heads high to face our future.



Shukr Hai
Itna hi chaha zindagi,
Tera shukr hai..x2
Mere yaar ko meri fikr hai
Mere yaar ko Meri fikr hai..
Charcha Nahi aam sahi,
Na mera kahin naam sahi..
Khamoshi mein mera zikr hai,
Mere yaar ko meri fikr hai..
Darwaaze pe mere,
Thi dastak koi,
Na phuchi na suni ab tak koi..
Yeh faisla tha uska hi,
Mere liye bas hijr hai..
Itna hi chaha zindagi,
Tera shukr hai..
Audio Credits –
Lyrics – Navneet Kedar
Singer- Udit Shandilya
Composer – Udit Shandilya
Music – Navneet Kedar
Melodica – Udit Shandilya
Guitars – Udit Shandilya
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Navneet Kedar @Blue tone studios


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