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Daler Mehndi’s first duet song ‘Baba Nanak Mere Naal Naal’ with a 12 month old debutante Rabaab!
• by Roopa Modha

• January 9, 2016

• Featured

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World renowned performer, author, composer and Bhangra Pop Icon Daler Mehndi has had pretty memorable duets in the past, but this particular duet may be his most memorable! The King of Bhangra, teams up with his one year old daughter Rabaab Mehndi to create a positively charged album celebrating gratitude. A healthy amalgamation of worldly and meditative! How adorable is that?! As fans of Mehndi, we are excited that his daughter is already entering the world of music!
The album comprises of three songs designed to activate shifting of energies. Mehndi’s approach towards these songs is simplistic and deliberate. State of the art grooves are infused on the celestial healing mantra “Waheguru” which raises the vibratory frequencies of one’s mind and body causing the energy shift, lifting one into higher states of universal love and consciousness.

The first song ‘Baba Nanak Mere Naal Naal‘ features Rabaab Kaur Mehndi all of twelve months old who debuts with her celebrated and iconic Pop Star father. She recites ‘Dhan Guru Nanak‘ after her father, words which were not planned to be a part of this song. Sung in Punjabi. the song has healing energies that shifts the listener’s focus from their worries and empowers him/her to achieve the natural ‘carefree’ virtue of the soul. The artist’s words are an expression of his personal (way of life)practice.
The second song ‘Aadh Sach Waheguru‘ sung in Hindi acknowledges and proclaims the benevolence of the supreme. On focusing on the words one is filled with gratitude and Anahata Chakra at your heart expands. This expansion causes balance in the mind and body and instantly brings joy. Co-authored by Daler Mehndi,Masood Raheed and Saood – the song will help heal and clear all blockages.
The third song ‘Celestial Energy Chant’ is based on the tradition of Japa (repetitive chanting), it cleanses and expands all the chakras, instills positivity, ignites healing and energizes the mind and body, enabling one to experience their own enlightenment. In the current times of fast pace, overflowing distractions, limited recall and next-to-no ‘pause’ lifestyle, unlike other spiritual and meditative music, this album syncs with similar mindsets/frequencies by using up- tempo grooves and rhythms to channelize and center the energy.
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