Anand Sahib

The album ‘Anand Sahib –The Key to Happiness’ with Daler Mehndi’srendition of Small Anand Sahib also known as ‘Chhota Anand Sahib’ sung first time in an indian classical ‘Raag Ramkali’.

‘Anand’ is a beautiful Hindiword which when translated in English means ‘Bliss’. The sacred words of Anand Sahib also known as the ‘Song of Bliss’,reconnect us to the universal soul, and awaken our hearts to the source of love, endless blessings and happiness which dwell within all of us.

Composed by third Sikh Guru – Shri Guru Amar Das Ji, Anand Sahib contains 40 verses and each verse relates to the key lesson a person needs to learn for the first 40 years of life.

The album containsmall Anand Sahib, 6 verses from 40 verses sung in ‘Raag Ramkali’. The blissful hymn gives us the essential lessons to live life to the fullest and to unfold our highest human potential.

‘Anand Sahib’ can be expressed as a divine convergence for the mind, body and soul. It is the mantra for happiness, self healing, and complete well being. The powerful healing chant attunes your soul to the vibration of the celestial consciousness leading to divine self healing. The powerful sound vibrations of the timeless chant bring stillness, inner peace and perpetual joy.

Begin your journey into well-being, happiness and inner peace with Daler Mehndi’s latest offering Small ‘Anand Sahib’ also known as ‘Chhota Anand Sahib’ sung in an indian classical ‘Raag Ramkali’. &dwell in a state of absolute bliss.

Credits :
Year Release : 2017
Album : Anand Sahib
Singer: Daler Mehndi
Composed by: Daler Mehndi
Lyrics: Bani: Shri Guru Amar Das Ji (Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji)
Audio Mastering : Aakash Jaitly
Keyboard : Hemant Sharma
Video Editor : Gurvinder Singh
Label: DRecords