Challa, a unique,  fusion music spectacular featuring folk and pop music which is inspired by legendary “Gurdas Mann”. Challa is gorgeous in its music, symbolizing relationships and a connection of pure love.  

DRecords is a cross cultural label which is creative and imaginative, rises with just one vision that of bridging boundaries and breaking borders through Music. Gurmeet Kaur is all set to be a part of such diverse musical  spectacular performance, featuring an array of artists who handily defy cultural categorization in favor of unbridled expression. a must  see for  all  die - hard music lovers.

She is a dazzling star on the horizon of colourful folk and pop music. Gurmeet Kaur, from a  punjabi family born and brought up in Bangkok, who kept on dreaming to become a renowned singer from the age of 16. She started her carrier with Gurbani Keertan, which she got from her family and folks which runs genetically in any Indian Culture.

Gurmeet’s  vocal dexterity sets her performances apart. Her courteous interaction with her musical energy has an electrifying impact which lingers in the memory long after the event.

DRecords made Gurmeet Kaur’s dreams come true with “CHALLA”.

Credits :
Album : Challa
Artist : Gurmeet Kaur
Lyrics : Gurmeet Kaur
Music Director : Hemant Sharma
Video : DRecords
Record Label : DRecords