“Gabru 2” is compilation of songs that the youth of India would relate to, songs that will become anthems among them and songs that would sway them to their rhythm. Mika has composed every song and has conceptualised the album in his very own distinctive and stunning approach. The songs have been selected and put up by the novel and humbling ideas of the professionals at DRecords, the company of Big Bro Daler Mehndi. The Music Company has put in great expertise to launch them with an album that would rock the industry.

There is a lot of variety in songs and the music of the album. The use of various instruments like guitar, tumbi, tabla, dholak, dhol, sarangi and computer generated voice enriches the album in its assortment of music. Mika himself with good support from Sanjeev Anand, Avtar Singh, Ajmer Singh Chandan Ji, Dhunna, Nazakhat, Sandeep Singh, Rammi and Pranjal pens the lyrics for the album.

The album begins with “Billo Challa Mangdi”, a peppy lively number with lot of tempo to it. The song has the touch of the raucous Mika all over it and will be a big party hit all round. The beautifully produced video of the song is on air on every music channel.

Next comes to track is the title number “Gabru 2”- an ode to the youth of India. Mika splendidly compiles the song with touches of brilliance. The song is a mélange of the rustic sounds of Indian youth, the tumbi, the sarangi and the dhud and that of the modernised classy one, the zest of the drum beats and techno sounds of Mika’s voice generated at different pitch. It’s a fusion of all the elements that the youth of today is.

“Tere Mere Pyar Nu” is a dance track and a must for party animals on prowl for the floor. The song has a catchy line to it, in English, that gives it a typical westernised touch. “Gidde Vich Tu Nachdi” a song with a touch of folk. The background rhythm of the dholak and the dhol enlivens one to the tradition of the famous Gidda of Punjab.

“O Sanam Janeman.” The romantic number, with lot emphasis on the string instruments, is a sombre love song that will play on the strings of the hearts of the listener.

The second song on the side “Dil Mera Dhak Dhak” is a face paced cry of a man fallen in love. The song has Mika in his full flow with skilful use of the sounds of the Harmonica.

“Do Lafzon ki baat” is a delightful rhythmic blues kind of a number with a swing of melody to it. “Gal Dil Di” is again a number that highlights the singing talent of Mika and his ability to modulate his voice to the instrument in the background.

All the songs of the album are a concoction of western sounds and Indian instruments that gives the album a characteristic USP. It is an amalgamation of the two worlds with a folkish tinge and westernised dash. The album is a true ardour of the Gabrus of India, presented by DRecords and performed by Mika in his very own larger than life ishtyle !!!.

Credits :
Album : Gabru-2
Artist : Mika Singh
Lyrics : Mika Singh
Music Director : Mika Singh
Video : DRecords
Record Label : DRecords