Ja Ve Pardesia

Ja Ve Pardesia - an evergreen punjabi ghazals album by legendary Parvez Mehndi and DRecords feels proud to relive the golden age of Ghazals and hope it will return with Ja Ve Pardesia the live performance audio recording of Parvez Mehndi.

Parvez Mehndi was born on 14th August 1947 to a family renowned for their musical credentials. His father, Bashir Husain Rahi, was an illustrious singer who migrated to Pakistan from Gurdaspur during Partition. Parvez Mehndi in his early days benefited under the guidance of the legendary ghazal King Mehndi Hassan, who not only gave him his expertise in the field of ghazal singing but also bestowed the title 'Mehndi' on to his favourite disciple. Parvez Mehndi once got opportunity to sing before the Royal Family of Afghanistan when his mentor, Mehndi Hassan who was to perform, fell ill. The then young Parvez was so impressive that he was offered a career on Radio Lahore and later in films, where he started off by singing with the Queen of Melody 'Noorjehan,' Roshan Ara Begum-'Mallika-e-Maushiqui' and other prominent Pakistani singers. In an earnest effort to reach out to the world and showcase his brilliance, Parvez Mehndi started anew with highly acclaimed and appreciated world wide concerts and shows. He soon established himself as an exceptional ghazal singer at par with his Guru, Mehndi Hassan and then famous singer Ghulam Ali.  Parvez Mehndi established his own individuality among the then eminent singers in the consortium of ghazal gaiyaki. His is a style, which is to-date impersonated by many of the contemporary ghazal singers. He now as an ambassador of love, brotherhood and peace spreads the same all over the Globe through the Universal language of Music.

Credits :

Release Date : 24 Oct 2014
Album : Ja Ve Pardesia
Singer : Parvez Mehndi
Lyrics : Parvez Mehndi
Music : Parvez Mehndi
Composer : Parvez Mehndi
Label : DRecords