Maula Sai

Daler Mehndi's first ever devotional bhajan album 'Maula Sai' dedicated to Shirdi Sai Baba.

‘Maula Sai’ comprises of four tracks and features Gyaarah Vachan, Sai Bhajan and chants. The four tracks in the incredibly rich voice of Mehndi weave the magic of faith and create an aura of intense joy and happiness. The album welcomes you with ‘Sai Raam Sai Raam – Sai Celebration’ – the highlight of the album where listener simply cannot resist rejoicing with the jubilant beats and rhythm of the track. Then comes ‘Gyaarah Vachan’ which resounds Sai Baba’s eleven promises which consolidate listener’s mind with an absolute feeling of love and protection that Baba promised to his devotees. Next is entrancing ‘Maula Sai’ sung in the glory of Sai Baba, evoking his divine blessings. The celebration which began with the glory of divine culminates with ‘Bol Sai Raam Sai Raam chant’ inviting the listener to chant along and take a plunge in the blissful ocean of grace. The last track ‘Sai Ram – Reggae Mix’ creates a euphoric ambience compelling the devotees to sing along and rejoice. Maula Sai is definitely a mesmerizing presentation of Sai Bhajans and a complete masterpiece.

Credits :
Year of Release : 2012
Album : Maula Sai
Artist : Daler Mehndi
Music Director : Daler Mehndi
Comppser : Daler Mehndi
Lyricst : Daler Mehndi
Record Label : DRecords