Nakodar Live Concert

Phenomenal, Astounding, Outstanding, and Memorable! Any of these words would probably suffice the experience of having seen Daler Mehndi perform Live in Nakodar. But it is difficult to put into words the profound impression that the Mehndi’s performance had on the audiences of Nakodar, as the show was simply different, completely out of the World! The ‘Powerhouse of Performance’ Daler Mehndi is known for his high voltage performances. Used to performing at concerts with well-arranged sound equipments, proper music system of 40,000 Hz, loads of security, lights and glitz, visual illumination, & oodles of glam factor, it was very unusual for a pop-icon of his stature to perform live on a stage where there was hardly any place to stand, no monster lighting structure, no sound check, and with sound equipments having no electricity backup! However, his splendid performance exploded with gusto and unparalleled energy. People who have come from far-off places showered lacs of money, but oblivious to all, he captivated audiences with ethereal vocals and music ! Capture the spirit of Nakodar concert and enjoy the heartfelt performance by a consummate artist.