The lohri Song – Asi Tan Jithe Jaiye

The Song celebrates the midwinter festival of the Indian subcontinent to mark the winter solstice day (being shortest day and longest night of the year) signifying the return of longer days.

In the evening, with the setting of the sun, huge bonfires are lit in the harvested fields and in the front yards of houses and people gather around the rising flames, circle around (parikrama) the bonfire and throw puffed rice, popcorn and other munchies into the fire, shouting "Aadar aye dilather jaye" (May honor come and poverty vanish!), and enjoy this festival by singing and dancing around the bonfire.

Daler Mehndi re-invents the “Baari Barsi” (12 year sojourn of a beloved who on his return is being questioned as to what made him stay away for so long). The song is full of attitude & a clubhouse mix. The words are penned by the Maverick Mehndi & composed with his USP which enshows a dancer and a non dancer to groove alike. The words are funky clearly showcasing a brave heart, a Punjabi chakde spirit.

So get ready to light the bonfire and dance to Daler Mehndi’s new gift – The LOHRI SONG.

Credits :
Release date: 10th January 2014
Album : Asi Tan Jithe Jaiye
Song : The Lohri Song
Artist : Daler Mehndi
Composer : Daler Mehndi
Lyricist : Daler Mehndi
Video : DRecords
Record Label : DRecords

Lyrics :
Asi Tah Jithe Jaiye
Othe shagan manaiye
Sunder Mundariye Ho!

Baari Barsi Khattan Gya Si
Khatt Ke Leandi Roree
Veera Sada Ghodi Chareya
Asin Ta Laeni Lohri
Sundar Mundriye Ho!

Baari Barsi Khattan Gya Si
Khatt Ke Leandi Jutti
Main Te Pa Du Khutti
Sundar Mundariye Ho!

Baari Barsi Khattan Gya Si
Khatt Ke Leandey Buddhu
Asi Te Har Dum Josh Ch Rahiye
Daaru Peendey Jhuddu
Sundar Mundariye Ho!

Baari Barsi Khattan Gya Si
Khata Ke Leandi Neoli
Jehra Saanu Ghoor Ke Dekhe
Ohnu Maar Du Goli

Baari Barsi Khattan Gya Si
Khat Ke Leandi Phulli
Yaaran Na Ajj Nachna GaoNa
Thaan kar Deo Khulli
Sundar Mundariye Ho!